Online Marketing Services For Indian Interior Designers

Floma delivers innovative as well as out-of-the-box online marketing services for Indian interior designers with its expert team which understands the terminology related to online marketing and understands how to implement it at a wider scale. Our experience with the local, as well as some national interior designers, allows us to provide you with superior quality online marketing services. We have equipped with ourselves some high-grade professionals in our team who are industry experts and help interior designers come up with a full-fledged online marketing strategy that will just do wonders for their businesses.

Why You Will Love Our Online Marketing Services

Being a client for Floma’s online marketing services for interior designers, you’ll experience never-seen-before professionalism and marketing innovation that will help you put your business ahead of your competitors. Though it’s hard to put together all the reasons why you will love our online marketing services, here are a few reasons.

Marketing Creativity

We try to understand all there is about your brand. And we want your brand to grow exponentially. In order to come up with a full-fledged online marketing strategy, it's mandatory to be creative. We will help you present your brand in front of the buyers in their own language. We understand and speak various languages such as homeowner-ese, upscale-ese, professional-ese, as well as business owner-ese! Our skills help us to communicate in such a manner that we are able to make your customers understand what's in it for them in a suitable format according to the latest market trends. We understand what your customers really want. And that's why we capitalise on it and make everything happen. We will keep a tab of our online marketing strategy and will improve constantly.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is a must in this field. And we have a team equipped just for each and every technical purpose. We know what the most complex challenges actually are. And that's why we help you solve each and every one of them including website migration, website hosting and transfer, domain transfer, email setup and support, tracking and marketing, schema setup as well as remarketing pixel setup. Our team of techies will take care of all the technical things in your online marketing campaign.

No Number Games

You might have noticed that many interior design marketing agencies across the world might be using numbers to track the progress. Let us tell you one thing. They are doing it wrong. These agencies do it in such a way that the numbers they track are the social media follower count, site visitors as well as different useless metrics. We don’t do that. We just believe in one number, and that's the number of quality leads. We believe in building your brand in such a way that you are able to acquire good quality leads which convert into sales. We help you build your interior brand such that people are able to trust it and hope for a long-term relationship.

What Will Your Interior Design Marketing Campaign Look Like

Creating an online marketing campaign is a complicated process. One needs to plan a lot of things as well as track the progress and understand the latest trends about the interior design business. You need to run it against the numbers in order to achieve the desired results. And that's why Floma has created a balanced workflow that allows us to develop you an online marketing strategy that will help you achieve the desired results. Our whole team works together and coordinates accordingly in order to create campaigns that will generate you quality leads. Here are the steps involved in the process of creating an online marketing strategy for interior designers:


First, we try to take a look at your company and understand the vision as well as the objectives of your company. We take a look and monitor your current digital presence as well as begin with keyword targeting and competitive position.


Then we develop a marketing strategy that displays clear timeframes and goals.


We keep your logins and arrange them together as well as establish directory listing and create social media channels. And not only that, but we also develop a "Google My Business" listing for your business. Plus, we help you with optimising the technical settings and play with the analytical tools depending on the requirements.


Some activities that are mandatory, such as social media promotions, content creation, video marketing, Floma optimisation, data collection and digital PR are handled and implemented by our team.

Strategic Review

We review just everything. Right from the content creation to implementation of all services, we review everything that we put in place. The biggest advantage we hold over others is that we are experts who are fully dedicated to our work, and our work is exclusive to developing online marketing campaigns for interior designers.

We only work with:

  • Home improvement product manufacturers
  • Company showrooms and home decor shops
  • Home design professionals like interior designers, architects, contractor builders, landscape architects, construction professionals as well as people related to the home décor field.
  • Interior industry tech companies

So if you are looking for quality online marketing services for your interior business, Floma is the right agency in India to do that. Call us today to get started!

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