Interior Design Courses You Can Study In India

If you are thinking of making interior designing your profession, then you are required to learn the interior designing of offices, rooms, restaurants as well as hotels and many other places. And you must design in such a way that all the stakeholders involved are happy with everything. If you are thinking of making a name in this field, you are required to complete the interior design courses and get a degree for the field from a reputed interior designing college.

What's Interior Designing?

Many people nowadays are adopting interior designing profession as their career option. People have started being crazy for this profession after the wives of the popular Bollywood stars, namely Twinkle Khanna, Khan as well as Suzzane Khan made an introduction to their own personal labels. But, the question is, what is interior designing exactly and what you are required to do in this profession?
Answering the question, interior designers are the people who work alongside architects to help you build your dream house, office, restaurant, etc. Their role is to help you plan the layout of your place by keeping all of your requirements in their mind. They work to ensure that the entire area is accessible and designed in such a way that you enjoy living in your place. Interior designers help the homeowners plan the colour schemes, structure, layout, decorations as well as furnishings of their place. After you successfully pursue an interior designing course, the next most famous career profile is to become an interior decorator or interior designer.

What are the skills required to become an interior designer?

If you want to become an interior designer, first of all, you need to be creative. You are required to have a high sense of imagination and a perfect ability to visualize. Basic skills required for you to become an interior designer are:

  • Knowledge of materials, textures as well as trends
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work under a tight budget
  • Colour sense
  • Visual Sensitivity
  • Analytical mind
  • Drawing Aptitude
  • Scientific aptitude
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Capability to deal with technical terms

Some of the top colleges that conduct interior design courses are CEPT University, NID Ahmedabad, Arch Academy Of Design, and many more. Some subjects covered in the interior design courses are:

  • History Of Interior Design
  • Arts & Basic Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Fittings & Furnishing
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Construction & Materials
  • Professional Management Display

If you seriously are considering to pursue interior designing as your profession, then you must take into consideration these interior design courses below:

Course: BSc In Interior Designing

Subjects Names:

  • Arts and Graphics – I
  • Advanced Construction Techniques
  • Advanced Construction Techniques - I
  • Arts and Graphics - II
  • Arts and Graphics - II
  • Arts and Graphics - Iv
  • Basic Design Principles
  • Building Services - I - Electrical and Lighting
  • Building Services - III - HVAC and Acoustics
  • Building Services – IV
  • Building Services-II (Sanitation & Plumbing)
  • Computer Application - I
  • Computer Application- II
  • Computer Application- III
  • Computer Application-IV
  • Drawing Techniques - 1
  • Drawing Techniques - II
  • Effective Written Communication
  • English Language Usage Essentials
  • Environmental Studies - I
  • Environmental Studies - II
  • Estimation and Specifications
  • Fire Safety and Security Systems
  • Furniture Design and Detailing - I
  • Furniture Design and Detailing- II
  • Group Dynamics and Team Building
  • History of Interior Design - I
  • History of Interior Design - II
  • Individual Society and Nation
  • Interior Design - I(Apartment/Residence)
  • Interior Design - II - Restaurants
  • Interior Design - III
  • Interior Design - IV - Working Drawings
  • Interior Design Styling (Residential and Commercial Spaces)
  • Introduction to Communication Skills
  • Materials - Furnishing and Finishes
  • Materials and Construction Techniques - I
  • Materials and Construction Techniques - II
  • Materials and Construction Techniques - III
  • Model Making Workshop
  • Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
  • Professional Communication for Recruitment and Employability
  • Receptive and Expressive Communication Skills
  • Regional Development in Interior Design
  • Sustainable Interiors
  • Term Paper
  • Understanding Self for Effectiveness
  • Values and Ethics for Personal and Professional Development

Course Name: BDes in Interior Designing

Subject Names:

  • Advanced Computer Applications
  • Analytical Drawing
  • Anthropometry and Ergonomics
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Basic Photography
  • Building Services- I
  • Building Services- II
  • Building Services- III
  • Building Services- IV
  • Communication skills
  • Cost Estimation
  • Freehand drawing and Geometric Construction
  • Fundamentals of Design- I
  • Fundamentals of Design- II
  • Fundamentals of structure- I
  • Fundamentals of structure- II
  • History of Crafts & Interior Design- I
  • Humanities & Art Appreciation and Appraisal
  • Interior Construction-Is
  • Interior Construction-II
  • Interior Construction-III
  • Interior Construction-IV
  • Interior Design –I
  • Interior Design –II
  • Interior Design –III
  • Interior Design –IV
  • Interior Design -V
  • Interior Landscape
  • Interior Materials- I
  • Interior Materials- II
  • Interior Materials- III
  • Introduction to Computers- I
  • Introduction to Computers- II
  • Material and Processes- I
  • Material Exposure
  • Product Semantics
  • Research Strategies & Design Process
  • Specifications and Controls
  • Technical Drawing and Computer applications
  • Theory of design

Course Name: Bachelors in Interior Designing

Subject Names:

  • Aesthetics – I
  • Aesthetics – II
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer – IV
  • Computer- I
  • Computer- II
  • Computer- III
  • Computer V
  • Contemporary Interiors
  • Estimation & costing –I
  • Estimation & Costing II
  • Financial Management
  • Graphics – I
  • Graphics – II
  • Graphics - III
  • Graphics – III
  • History of Interior –I
  • History of Interior II
  • Interior Design – I
  • Interior Design – II
  • Interior Design – III
  • Interior Design - VI
  • Interior Design –IV
  • Interior Design -V
  • Interior Services – I
  • Interior Services II
  • Interior Services - III
  • Landscape Designing
  • Marketing Management
  • Profession Practice - III
  • Profession Practice - IV
  • Professional practice – I
  • Project Report - I
  • Technical Skills - IV
  • Technical Skills- I
  • Technical Skills- IIs
  • Technical Skills- III
  • Working Drawing I
  • Working Drawing II

Course Name: Interior Architecture Design

Subject Name:

  • Arch. Illustration, Drawing & Photography
  • Building Materials & Construction Methods
  • CAD
  • CAD & 3-D Visualisations
  • Design Practice
  • Design Process
  • Furniture Design & Spaces
  • History of Interior Design
  • Interior Design Environments
  • Interior Design for Commercial & Institutional Spaces
  • Lighting Design Fundamentals
  • Principles of Interior Design
  • Research Methodology
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Retail Display & Design
  • Services (Climate, HVAC, Plumbing...)

Course Name: Diploma in Interior Designing

Subject Name:

  • Auto CAD
  • CAD – Advance
  • Colour and visualization
  • Colour and visualization – II
  • Décor and planning
  • Design elements and process
  • Flat rendering and layouts
  • Material exploration
  • Material Sourcing and costing
  • Presentation and Communication skills
  • Space layout and design

Eligibility Criteria to be an Interior Designer

If you have successfully completed your 12th board exam from a recognized university, you can start with your interior design course. However, to get an admission to an interior design college, you need to have studied Physics and Mathematics full-time.

Interior Design Top Recruiters & Job Profiles

If you are an interior designer, you are required to excel with the task of deciding furniture, wall colours as well as accent pieces. Most of the people who have successfully completed their interior design course start their career with any big architectural firm. However, as the time passes, most of the aspirants decide to start their own interior design firms and turn themselves into entrepreneurs. Being a new interior designer, you are paid according to your work quality as well as the firm where you work. If you are an interior designing graduate, then you can expect your salary to stand between Rs.93,000 to Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. After certain years of experience in the field, you can promote yourself and earn as high as Rs.12 lakh per annum.

Popular Designing Colleges In India

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  • MIT Institute of Design - MITID
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  • YMCA New Delhi

We suggest that you do your research online to find the suitable interior design college to complete your interior design course. As the interior design industry changes often, up to date information can be a big asset in your search for the ideal career. And remember- at Floma, we are committed to helping you grow your interior design business in India. So don’t forget to join Floma as soon as you choose this career. We are a partner in your success!

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